Friday, 28 September 2012

Articles of Association


PART I: Name, Address, and Objectives

Article 1 Name The Association bears the name: The European Consortium of Integral Coaches. Hereafter it is referred to as “The Association”.
Article 2 Address The official address of the Association is the address of one of the Executive Board members. This address can be changed by a simple majority decision by the Executive Board. Any change of address shall take effect one month after notification to members by email. The web address of the Association is The Articles of Association will be posted at this web address.
Article 3 Time The Association is established for an unlimited period of time.
Article 4 Non-Profit Organisation The Association is a non-profit organisation.
Article 5 Objectives The objective of the Association is to promote Integral Coaching® in Europe.

PART II: Members

Article 6 Membership Any person who is a current member of the worldwide Integral Coaching® Consortium is eligible for membership of the Association.Membership is obtained by sending an email request to The Executive Board decides on the admission.
Article 7 Rights and obligations Members have the rights and obligations conferred to them pursuant to these Articles of Association. Members are entitled to stand for elections by self-nomination and to vote in the General Assembly. Members are responsible for providing the Association with a current email address and for reading emails from Members of the Association are responsible for informing the Association if they cease to be members of the worldwide Integral Coaching® Consortium. The Executive Board may propose charging members a small one-off or annual membership fee. This would need to be approved by the General Assembly to come into effect.
Article 8 Termination and Removal Members may voluntarily resign from the Association at any time by sending an email to Membership will end if the member is no longer a member of the worldwide Integral Coaching® Consortium. In exceptional circumstances, members behaving contrary to the aims and interests of the Association may be expelled by the Executive Board after due process. Expelled members will be given the opportunity to contest their expulsion at the General Assembly. Membership will end on the death of the involved member. Membership fees will not be returned on termination or removal.

PART III: General Assembly

Article 9 Meetings The Ordinary General Assembly will meet physically or by teleconference at least once per year. Additional General Assemblies may be initiated by the Executive Board or on the request of at least five members. The convening notice and agenda will be sent by the Executive Board by email at least 30 days before the meeting.
Article 10 Voting All members may attend the General Assembly. The General Assembly shall take any resolution by a simple majority vote of those present.

PART IV: Executive Board

Article 11 Composition The Executive Board administers the Association. It shall consist of at least three members, one of whom is nominated Treasurer. Members may volunteer to serve in the Executive Board for a time period between two Ordinary General Assembly meetings. The General Assembly will approve the membership of the Executive Board.
Article 12 Decisions of the Executive Board Decisions are made by simple majority voting of members of the Executive Board.
Article 13 Commitments Only members of the Executive Board may make financial commitments on behalf of the Association. Commitments or expenditures of over 500 euros must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board. Commitments or expenditures of between 100 and 500 euros should be approved by a majority of the Executive Board, but may exceptionally be approved between the Treasurer and one other member of the Executive Board. Commitments or expenditures of less than 100 euros should where possible be approved by a majority of the Executive Board. All revenue and expenses must be documented and summarised in the Accounts, for which the Treasurer is responsible.

PART V: Dissolution

Article 14 Decision Dissolution of the Association will be decided by the General Assembly on a proposal from the Executive Board.
Article 15 Finances On dissolution, the assets of the Association will be used for the purpose of promoting Integral Coaching®. Decision is taken by the General Assembly on a proposal from the Executive Board.

Agreed by email in September 2012 by the founding members of the Association, who also form the initial Executive Board: Isaac CARRERAS OLIVÉ Claire MOLINARD Susi SANCHEZ-PUGA Sunil SINGH Sander STRATING

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